How to backup your data using Dropbox


Dropbox has become a very popular cloud service that promises a simply way to backup and share files. Dropbox now has more than 50 million users. Dropbox has a web interface and dedicated app s on different platforms. So, it is easier to stay connected. It is easy to register. Once you sign up, the Dropbox app will be downloaded to your computer and a dedicated folder will be created on your computer for you. It is very easy to upload files. All you need to do is drag them in the Dropbox folder. This folder will stay connected to your account for as long your Dropbox app keeps running.

The Dropbox folder works like the normal folders. You can create subfolders, add or delete folders. You can upload files up to 300 MB on the web based interface of Dropbox. But with the Dropbox app, you can upload unlimited amount of files. If your files remain inactive for 90 days, then Dropbox will delete them automatically.

You can manage your Dropbox account from anywhere. You can set various levels of permission. The basic Dropbox account is free. It will give you 2GB storage online. If you refer it to another user, you will get 500 MB space for free. This way you can increase your storage up to 18 GB. You can upgrade to the Pro account. Pro 50 gives you 50GB storage for $9.99 per month. Pro 100 gives you 100 GB storage for $19.99 per month. It also offers a team package for business with minimum 1TB storage.

Dropbox is very easy to use. It can be downloaded on any operating system and smartphones. It is a very useful tool for creating backups for your data.

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