4 essential tips on computer and data security


It has become increasingly important to protect your data against thefts, viruses, and other damages. Here are some tips to help you secure your data.

Update your software


You should always update your software. Most developers offer update of software when there is a problem with the previous version. So, ignoring the message that pops on your screen telling you to update the software is a very bad idea. Not updating the software makes your computer prone to hackers. Updating software on a regular basis can help your computer and data to stay safe from hackers.

Create strong passwords


It is very important to use a strong password for your computer. A good password should be at least 12 characters long; it must include uppercase, lowercase, symbols and numbers and it shouldn’t contain words that are found in the dictionary. You can use a password manager to remember your passwords.

Create backup


You may lose data for various reasons from power failure to viruses. It is very important to set up a backup plan. You can use cloud service for creating backup or create an external backup system.

Check out whether your anti-virus program is working

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You need to have a good anti-virus program installed in your computer. It is the best defense against malware and other intruders. But you need to regularly check whether you are running the latest version of the anti-virus software.

If you take the measures just discussed, your data will be protective from any kind of threat. The chance of losing data will be reduced significantly.

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